Outdated Marriage Rules You Should Break

marriage rules between the rings

As a society, we’ve made up lots of marriage rules and expectations. Unfortunately, a lot of these “rules” have been the downfall of many couples. In reality, marriage is a unique experience for everyone. The reality of marriage is very different from idealistic movies. In fact, there are a ton of these outdated “rules” that you should be definitely breaking!

Your Spouse Should Complete You

Contrary to what we see in romantic movies, your spouse will not complete you. While many people refer to their spouses as their “other half”, that phrase is meant to be symbolic. In reality, your spouse can not complete your, nor is it their responsibility. A successful marriage is made of two whole people who are committed to each other and are working together to become their best selves. If you’re not already a “whole” person yourself, you should definitely be working on that before you get married.

Instead of expecting your partner to “complete” you, focus on being the best “whole” person you can be. Expecting a realistic amount from your partner will make your marriage more fulfilling. Don’t forget to have a little “me time” as well to focus on yourself!

Marriage Should Be Easy

Many people believe that they’ll find “the one” when there’s no conflict between them. They often believe that healthy couples don’t fight and that marriage should be easy if you’re with the right person. However, this is totally untrue. In reality, all couples fight and experience difficulties. What makes a healthy couple is how you handle it when you’re in a fight or life becomes hard. A healthy marriage is one that can overcome life’s tests with love and understanding.

Never Go To Bed Angry

This may be one of the most repeated marriage “rules” out there. While couples who try to follow this rule have the best intentions, it can sometimes backfire. This rule stems from the fact that many couples have anxiety about unresolved issues. Many couples believe that if they aren’t able to resolve their issues right then and there, they’re doomed. However, all people handle disagreements and confrontation differently. In some cases, it can actually be a good thing to wait to let tempers cool and to have some space apart. Just don’t forget to address the issues in the morning after you’ve cleared your head!

Your Spouse Is A Ball And Chain

For as long as we can remember, people have referred to marriage as the ultimate imprisonment. While you may not have the freedom to do everything you did as a single person (ie. dating, partying for days, spending too much money on something and not paying rent), marriage can provide even more freedom in different ways. Marriage is a team, and as a team, you’re able to follow your goals and dreams. While you may have been too afraid of failing when you were single, you’ll now have your spouse to pick you bak up when you fall. Marriage is also the ultimate way to experience deep intimacy, connection, and self-realization.