How To Tell A Guest They’re Only Invited To The Reception

reception invitation between the rings

Are you looking to have a small ceremony but a big reception? According to wedding tradition, anyone who is invited to your ceremony has to be invited to your reception. However, this tradition doesn’t seem to apply the other way around. Cutting down your ceremony guest list can help you save some money without feeling like you’ve left anyone out. Still, there is a certain way to go about a reception invitation that’s different from just inviting everyone to everything.

Have Two Separate Guests Lists

It’s important to maintain two separate guests lists: one for the ceremony and reception, and for only the reception. You can make your ceremony list as small as you want. This is great for ceremonies in small churches and courthouses. Just remember that all of your ceremony guests need to be invited to your reception as well.

Having two separate lists will also help you keep track of how many people will be at each venue. It will also avoid any embarrassment by inviting the wrong person to the wrong event.

Write A Reception Invitation

There are two different ways to handle reception-only invitations.

First, you can have two separate invitations printed. The first set will be both guests invited to both the ceremony and the reception. The second set will be for gusts just invited to the reception.

Second, if you want to save some money, you can have your main invitation give information about the reception and include an insert about the ceremony for guests who are invited to both events.

Regardless of what option you choose, the most important thing is to get the wording correct on the reception invitations. Instead of inviting your guests to witness your marriage, invite them to celebrate your marriage at a reception instead. This will imply that you’ll already be married at the reception and there won’t be a ceremony for them to attend.

Be Conscious Of Scheduling

If you’re planning on having both your ceremony and reception on the same day, make sure to have your ceremony much earlier. This will allow all of your ceremony guests time to enjoy the event, get any post-ceremony pictures in, and give them time to change as the head to the reception. Having your ceremony guests arrive at the same time as your reception guests will allow you to make your grand entrance and start the party!

Stick To Your Word

No matter how carefully you’ve constructed your wedding ceremony guest list and how clear you’ve made the invitations, inevitably, a reception-only guest will try to get invited to the ceremony as well. Make sure to stick to your word. If you make an exception for one guest, you’ll have to make exceptions for the others.