Your Guide To Sparkling Wine

sparkling wines

From wedding to parties, sparkling wine is a popular drink choice for all special occasions. Every sparkling wine is different, so there are plenty of options to choose from.


Champagne is probably the most famous of all the types of sparkling wine. Champagne is actually only allowed to be called “champagne” if it’s made in a specific region of France. This region’s unique climate is part of why most bottle of champagne start at $25.  Champagne also goes through fermentation twice: one in the tank and once in the bottle. Champagne pairs well with fried appetizers and fish.


Prosecco is make from Prosecco grapes in the Treviso region of Italy. In Italy, it’s considered to be inexpensive and a great drink for any occasion. Bottles of prosecco usually start at $15. It tends to be more froth and fruity than champagne.


Cava comes from Spain. Depending on how long it has aged, it can either be fruity or nutty. Some varieties are even blending into rosé. Bottles of cava usually start at $10.


This pink sparkling win is definitely having a moment among millennials. Now know for being “millennial pink”, this sparkling wine was once written off as just being a sweet seasonal drink. Rosé can either be made by leaving dark grape skins on during fermentation or by blending red and white wine. Rosé is actually available in both flat and sparkling versions. It’s also cheaper than many other sparkling wines.


Franciacorta is relatively new compared to other sparkling wines. Created in the Franciacorta region of Italy, it was first made less than 60 years ago. Franciacorta is made in a similar manner to champagne. However, due to the warmer climate, it has a unique flavor.