Who Should Be Invited To A Bridal Shower

bridal shower

Being engaged is an exciting time. While you may want to celebrate with everyone you know, not everyone should be invited to your bridal shower. When coming up with your bridal shower guest list, there are a few things to consider.

Don’t Invite People Not Invited To Your Wedding

This should be obvious, but make sure not to invite people to your bridal shower who aren’t invited to your wedding. Inviting people who aren’t invited to the wedding will definitely offend them. Plus, it looks like you’re just trying to get more gifts. The only exception to this rule is if you coworkers want to throw an office bridal shower to congratulate you.

Keeping It Small & Intimate

It’s important to remember that your bridal shower is for your closest family and friends. Definitely make sure to invite your bridal party, family and close friends. However, don’t feel like your need to invite everyone from the wedding. No one needs a guest with them for a bridal shower.

It’s Ultimately Up To The Host

Ultimately, the amount of people invited to the shower is up to the host. After all, they’re probably footing the bill and organizing everything! After a bride and host picks the date and location of the shower, it’s important to sit down and come up with a guest list. If the bride finds herself wanting to invite too many people, she should consider having multiple bridal showers. The host should not be asked to host more people than they are comfortable with.

It’s Okay To Have More Than One

There are many reasons as to why you may want to have multiple bridal showers. If more than one person wants to host a shower for you, make sure that each guest list is unique to the host. For example, if your mom and your best friend both want to host bridal showers for you invite mostly family to the shower thrown by your mom and mostly friends to the shower thrown by your best friend.