Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

wedding flower mistakes

There’s endless inspiration out there for wedding flowers. However, it’s still pretty easy to make some wedding flower mistakes. How you approach meeting your florist and your expectations of them makes a huge difference in your floral results. Having a realistic approach can help you avoid some common wedding flower mistakes.

Not Making An Inspiration Board

The amount of options when it comes to flowers is overwhelming. Putting together an interest board, whether on Pinterest on a cork board, can be super helpful. However, it’s important to remember that the images need to follow a certain theme and color palette. Having a disorganized inspiration board is a good as not having one at all.

Not Being Flexible

Knowing what you want is great. Still, it’s important to be a little flexible when it comes to wedding flowers. Details like the “perfect” shade of ivory or the openness of each flower to are too little to get caught up on. Remember, flowers are made by nature, not man. Florists only have what nature allows them to work with.

Believing Everything Your See Online

Photos online can be very misleading. A lot of the beautiful flowers you see online have probably been Photoshopped to some degree. These edits can give people unrealistic expectations when it comes to flowers. Before you fall in love with something you’ve seen online, check with your florist. You may find that what you saw doesn’t exist at all!

Getting Started Too Early

Waiting until the last minute when it comes to weddings is never a good idea. On the same token, starting some planning to early is bad as well. Before you focus on flowers, settle on your venue, wedding date, and guest count. Flower trends constantly change, so you may change your mind as you get closer to your wedding date.

Not Researching The Florist’s Aesthetic

Like all artists, florists each have their own personal aesthetic. Make sure you choose a florist with the same aesthetic as yourself. If you want over-the-top vibrant flowers, you probably don’t want to use a minimalist florist.