How It Works

Step 1:  Design A Custom Flower Wall

You’re already here at our website so all you have to do is go to DESIGN A CUSTOM FLOWER WALL, select the size, and start dragging and dropping flowers!  We have lots of colors to choose from but if you have some unique colors that you don’t see, all you need to do is send us some pictures or a color swatch and we’ll do our best to match it.


Step 2:  Add to cart

When you’re done placing the flowers where you’d like them to go, select Add To Cart.  When you place your order, you will only be charged the $250 deposit.  The remaining cost of the wall rental will be due 30 days prior to your event.


How much is a flower wall?

Please take a look at our chart:

8’x4′ Flower Wall 8’x6′ Flower Wall 8’x8′ Flower Wall
$500.00 $600.00 $800.00
$250.00 Deposit Required $250.00 Deposit Required $250.00 Deposit Required


Can I rent a different size wall than what you have on your website?

Yes.  Just contact us and let us know exactly what it is you’re looking for and if we can accommodate you, we will!  We do have the ability to build different sizes of walls along with different paper flowers, but because we aren’t mind readers, all special orders may take a little more time and are subject to additional charges.


Is there a deposit required?

Yes.  All flower walls are rentals which do require a $250 deposit.  The deposit will be refunded to you AFTER your event when the Between The Rings staff pick up the flower wall and determine there is no damage to the wall or the flowers.  If it is determined there is damage to the wall or the flowers, your deposit will be forfeited.  Also, because every flower is hand crafted and each wall is built to your specification, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE for a cancelled event.


Can I purchase a wall?

Yes.  All walls are available for purchase.  The price is determined by the size of the wall and the amount of flowers used to construct it.

What kind of paper is used to make the flowers?

Our flowers are made out of cardstock paper.


How long before my event should I order a wall?

Because each flower is hand-crafted, each wall takes different amounts of time to construct.  We suggest you place your order at least three months before your event for smaller walls and up to five months for larger walls.  We understand things happen, but Rome wasn’t built  in a day and neither will your wall.


Can my flowers be made out of any color?

Yes and no.  We have a wide color selection for flowers on our website, however if you need something unique or special, just like you, if you contact us and give us enough time in advance, we will do our absolute best to find the color of paper that best matches the colors you submit to us.